Orlando, FL – Uproot

I have been working with a social media consulting and marketing firm named Uproot based in Georgia. This small, groupthink of millennials apply technical competence with the application of the social sciences to help clients implement campaigns and market their products and services using techniques that weren’t even available a few months ago. They stay way out in front of trends that are coming and how they can be embedded in a company’s supply chain. Javier has helped me see these new trends, search engine optimization techniques and has provided research on online integration.

The social credit scoring initiative that will be coming soon is one area where our economy will disrupted by the intersection of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Social Policy. The folks at Uproot have worked with me to better understand this coming disorder. Technology will become more evasive in our lives and elusive privacy will become something that will be redefined. As blockchain technologies become more embedded into our business processes, we will start seeing massive changes in how we do business and interact with our Customers. Think of this like mashing business social media with encrypted transactional activity at unbelievable speeds.