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Encouragement and Excellence

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Sharonville, OH – Encouragement and Excellence – a Personal Story

I’ve always strived to do my best, no matter what the task. But there have been times when I’ve felt lost and discouraged. Times when the stress of my family commitments and my career made me feel I wasn’t good enough. Times when I wanted to give up.
But I’m so grateful for the people who have encouraged me along the way. My mentors Scott McMasters and Jill Rogers have played a huge role in helping me to pursue my professional goals. They believed in me when I sometimes questioned myself.
My wife, Jennifer, and my business partner, Mike Cunningham who pushed me to be my best. Managers like Jim Hoff, John Kerinuk, and Wes Bridwell who taught me to be persistent in doing good work with passion and precision. 
These key relationships always celebrated my successes with me.
I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without their encouragement. I’m so grateful for their support.
Last weekend I drove to Duck Hill, Mississippi for the celebration of life for a woman who had an impact on my life. Cozette Hamilton and her husband, Wayne, took me into their home for 18 months when I was only 14 years old. Cozette treated me like one of her sons and unselfishly loved me when I was broken and scared. At the funeral, I learned that Ms. Cozette had been orphaned at 13 years old and lived with a host family herself. Bringing me into her home was a way for her to pay it forward.  
Encouragement is essential for excellence. When we feel encouraged, we’re more likely to take risks, to try new things, and to persevere in the face of challenges. We’re more likely to reach our full potential.
So if you’re looking to achieve excellence, find people who will encourage you. Find people who believe in you. Find people who will celebrate your successes with you. And be an encourager to others. Lift them up. Believe in them. Celebrate their successes with them.
Together, we can all achieve great things.
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