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Kennesaw, GA – Regrets

A survey of hospice patients found their top 3 Regrets were:
  1. Having an unhealthy addiction to accumulate material things rather than creating memories through meaningful experiences and deep relationships
  2. Procrastinating doing what you really want to do as soon as possible (spend whatever time is necessary to find out what you really want and why?), and
  3. Being prideful by worrying about what others might think or say. In the end, who really cares what others might think as long as you aren’t physically hurting yourself or anyone else. 
We are given only a short time on the earth as it is, why not pursue what truly makes you happy now and not wait until later or worry about appearances.  
It costs you nothing to be kind, love is a reciprocal phenomena and it’s easier to find more time when you aren’t burdened with lots of material things to acquire and maintain.  
#Encouragement #VirtuousLife
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