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Acworth, GA – “Destiny”

What does destiny mean to you? Can your “destiny” be changed or altered?
If something today changes the end result of one’s life, then which “destiny” is accurate? The before or after? The future has changed. So we do choose our destiny by our behavior. 
Our destiny adapts to the choices and decisions that we make in the present. External circumstances can affect our destiny but it is how we react to our environment around us that determines our future.
The Timeline…
“Past” choices and decisions affect the “Present” environment which has “Future” consequences 
Our future self changes constantly by the present environment. The past is a collection of previous decisions and choices.
The dictionary defines “environment” as “surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates in the natural world”. Therefore natural activities affect our current environment.
We change our destiny every time we make a conscious choice or decision.
Be deliberate and intentional when creating your future. 
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