I wrote about incrementalism a while ago and was talking to a friend about fxReputation.com and why our online reputation is becoming so important today.  When I say, “Edit your future” I mean to take actions today to build and polish your personal brand before we become known for our social score and digital footprint.  Carefully make personal choices that will increase your personal brand rather than detract from the hard work you have done to become an influencer.  Choose your daily actions and decisions carefully.


We need to understand that our actions can live on in cyberspace whether we want them to or not.  When we post, paste, or vent on social media it becomes a permanent part of our reputation.  We have read about athletes and actors who have posted immature and inappropriate things on Twitter only to see them resurface years later when they have gone on to become successful.

We need to understand that our choices today effect our personal lives tomorrow.  Editing your future.

The Chinese government has implemented a social scoring system what will eventually come to the US.  Not only will our social media activity be collected, stored and analyzed but our credit scores, civil records, educational accomplishments and professional activities will be available to big data algorithms that will stack rank us against our peers and neighbors.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.