The Foxwerthe Agency

Encourage Excellence…

Our Core Values

The Foxwerthe Agency provides advisory services and project financing for private companies and high net worth individuals. We use our experience to deploy strategies, tools, and technologies to encourage excellence, develop relationships and connect ideas with resources.

Encourage Excellence

Foxwerthe’s core mission is to encourage others to be the best that they can be.  Whetheencouraging better personal relationships or helping clients promote best in class products and projects, we encourage excellence.

Develop Relationships

Relationships enable us.  We communicate through our relationships to others whether they are personal or professional.  We believe that critical thinking and effective communications are what separates us from success of failure.

Connect Ideas & Resources

Connecting people, processes, and products is our passion.  We believe that helping others succeed with make us successful.  A client’s growth and sustainability are enhanced by connecting marketable ideas the resources necessary to bring them to fruition.

Start up advisory

Managing growth is a critical part of a company’s future. Innovation will create buzz and the ability to manage the Customers will provide growth and stability. In a global market where speed and simplicity rule the day, the successful enterprise must have a clear path to manage complexity.

branding and marketing strategy

Like Drucker, we believe the two most important roles of an organization’s success is innovation and marketing. Getting products to market are just as important to having good products to offer. Clients who leverage new methods and strategies to accomplish these two areas will thrive in the new economy.

Project financing

Foxwerthe provides project funding and assisting our clients with finding and securing needed capital to grow.

Encouraging excellence,

Developing relationships,

and Connecting ideas and resources…